Durban Poison 1ml Awaken 96.6% Disposable Vape


Awaken’s 1ml rechargeable disposable comes with the 4 heat settings traditional pen users are accustomed to and punches out vapor like no other. This one is loaded with 96.6% Cannabinoid Distillate and Durban Poison Terpenes.

Durban Poison’s terpene’s tastes of spearmint, along with the taste of sweet, almost cloying pine sap.

Durban Poison has a clear, focused high that hits users right away. The amplification of sights and sounds may be initially disorienting, but in the right setting can slide into an active, buzzy head high. Almost entirely cerebral with no hints of debilitating heaviness or couchlock, this strain can be especially helpful for creative endeavors — it’s a great way to contemplate the nuances of an intense movie or a piece of music. Durban Poison can also be a strong social lubricant, helping smokers to feel chatty and more at ease.

Any medical benefits are more mental than physical — this strain can confer a sense of mindfulness that is reported to help those perpetually distracted by depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Consumers also note that it can also help those with attention deficit disorders maintain a deep, intense focus.

Definitely more suited to daytime than sleepy nighttime use, Durban Poison is a quintessential wake and bake strain.
Often likened to espresso, Durban Poison gives users a mobile and active high that’s as enjoyable at a party as it is at alone, accomplishing creative or mundane tasks.

Rechargeable | Micro-USB | Includes Charging Cable | Ceramic Coil
Heat Settings:
Click the button 5 times to switch on/off
Click the button 3 times to change heat (Green:Low Blue:Medium Red:High)
Click the button twice to enter preheat mode.

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