9 Pound Hammer 1ml Awaken 96.6% Disposable Vape


Awaken’s 1ml rechargeable disposable comes with the 4 heat settings traditional pen users are accustomed to and punches out vapor like no other. This one is loaded with 96.6% Cannabinoid Distillate and 9 Pound Hammer Terpenes.

This strain is named 9 Pound Hammer for a reason: almost immediately, it hits users over the head with its heavy-duty sedation. Deep breathing may come more easily and muscular tension may dissipate. This sensation soon progresses into a full-body high that may leave smokers feeling floaty and disoriented. In addition to these somatic effects, 9 Pound Hammer imparts some subtle mental stimulation — while it may not trigger intense, cerebral thinking, it can alter perception, making sounds or colors take on a new intensity. If dosage is increased, this strain is liable to cause couch-lock, sapping energy and motivation along with any lingering pain and stress. As a result, 9 Pound Hammer is best enjoyed at night, when its strong sedative effects can easily transition into sleep.

Rechargeable | Micro-USB | Includes Charging Cable | Ceramic Coil
Heat Settings:
Click the button 5 times to switch on/off
Click the button 3 times to change heat (Green:Low Blue:Medium Red:High)
Click the button twice to enter preheat mode.

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