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Cannabis and consciousness

We at Pleasantrees have used cannabis for more than 3 decades collectively, for recreational purposes, to stimulate healing, and working towards an expanded consciousness, or spiritual enlightenment. This is not unlike those who walked the Earth long before us, our ancestors if you wish.

It is believed that at this point in time, close to 160 million people use cannabis but according to a pollen study published in 2019, cannabis, marijuana or hemp evolved about 28 million years ago. However, it’s earliest use has been said to have been about 5000 years ago, or  so believed by archaeologists. Farmers began using cannabis (assumed to be hemp-based), more than 4000 years ago for oil and also fibre for paper, clothing and rope. It was roughly 2500 years ago that cannabis was burned, generally during mourning processes, and was later celebrated in sacred texts for the mind-expanding properties.

When it comes to legality regarding the mind-altering benefits of cannabis, we like to think most cannabis users have a general understanding of the same thing: politicians, big pharma, and religious institutions are afraid of people thinking for themselves and discovering universal truths.

Cannabis has been used for centuries as medicine to heal the body, mind and soul by altering and correcting molecular structure and consciousness. This brings us to the idea that not only does this unite the cannabis community in the sense of like-mindedness, but that we have a different perspective to life than what we have been programmed to believe.

We choose to believe that we all have a light within us, and by light we mean a divine, celestial ability to create our own paths through manifestation. Once we have expanded our mind to be able to accept our spirit, we will see that it is not what we have been taught, and with this power we can even create miracles, blessings, in abundance.

At Pleasantrees we feel strongly about cannabis’ ability to heal us physically and mentally, and the role it plays in heightening our awareness, expanding our consciousness, remembering the light that is a part of all of our intrinsic biology.

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